I’ve been thinking a lot about the elements involved in bringing our dreams into reality and creating our vision of excellence. What I find is that there are layers. Like an onion, all are relevant and all aspects need to be in alignment in order to really create what we want in our lives and in our businesses. The funny thing is, working on the layers isn’t sequential. Sometimes I’m called to deeper levels, like belief patterns and how I’m using my words and thoughts. Sometimes I am compelled to focus on outer layers like team development and marketing. It’s all relevant and its a moving target! It occurred to me last night that it is like a Rubik’s Cube. We work on a few sides and that shifts something else and then we have to go back and rework what we’ve already done. Working through our personal layers and the layers of our businesses truly does feel like a puzzle. A joyful and stimulating one, if we like, but a puzzle of layers nonetheless.

A few weeks ago, financial strategy was my focus. This lead to a deeper layer… (of course) and what I discovered is that old territory I had covered ages ago still needs work. (eye roll) Thus, the current focus is now inner layers of core beliefs and patterns that I “bought’ when I was a very small child. What a winding road we roam! I find it all fascinating though and as I dive deeper into the understanding of neuro-programming and emotional frequency it becomes even more so.

I dove further into information on vibrational frequency. The idea is that we emanate a frequency with our thoughts and emotions and that brings into your reality things that are of the same frequency. Those of you who are keen to the law of attraction are well aware. What I hadn’t visualized before though, is the actual metrics associated with those frequencies. I came across this chart.

It is said that the average person is vibrating around 250 – 350. And this is what got me thinking about the layers. I think this frequency measurement is an overall personal average. There are layers of my being that still have fear. There are layers that are well into the love and joy levels. I don’t think we vibrate at one setting, but ‘average out’ depending on the ratio of each of the vibrations that are emanating from our various levels of being. Factor in the fact that we are not only what we are now, but all that we have been and will be and it gets a little crazy. But no need to complicate the very simple.

The main take away for me, is the knowing that as my various layers heal and gradually vibrate at higher levels, my overall ability to attract and manifest a more amazing life and business become more powerful. Yes, I think we all already know this, but sometimes we find ourselves having to circle back around to the basics. And, having a visual on this is helpful for us ‘Visual’ learners.

So, I invite you to take a look at your own layers. What basics still need work? What layers are demanding your focus and what vibration are you vibrating at? I’m still assessing mine… and as I am going through rapid change right now, I feel it is vacillating dramatically as of late. I’m going to say though, on an average day I’m probably around 450ish. What about you?

Yours truly,


Blog provided courtesy of Julia Malloy