Incorporate the calming, clean lines of global ‘Zen’ with ‘Now’ finishes, materials, patterns for interiors as you head into 2020

Matte Black is the new Gray

While all things gray has yet to peak (and indeed may be a neutral for the ages), designers everywhere are looking ahead to shift the gray into something that feels more tangible. One such finish, that translates well to all materials, is matte black and/or charcoal.

In paint, it is being used in overall rooms, as opposed to just accents. On cabinetry, it is paired with earthy wood tones, surfing a very zen vibe (while sparking a fabulous new backsplash trend in wood). A great backdrop for the earthy versions of jewel toned reds, indigos, and yellows as well as calming greens, highlighted with creamy off white. Earth and water, sand and sun. Things that feel good and remind us more of happy experiences (vacay with the fam!) as opposed to just collecting things. A globally mindful attitude in tune with sustainability, “less is more”, and do no harm. Awareness campaigns have finally nudged us around the corner to taking action, and being more accountable to the grand picture.

Pantone 2020 Color of the Year Forecast

For instance, in stark contrast to 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year, ‘Living Coral’, this year’s ‘Bleached Coral’ drives home the pointed fact that our actions indeed have global consequences on our planet. We can no longer turn a blind eye, as we look to find solutions for the future of our shared home on earth. We can strike a balance AND live in harmony.


(Get educated on the Coral Restoration Foundation and their efforts, here , sign up to register for the much anticipated Coralpalooza 2020 and how you can help overall).


Welcome to the Jungle

As bold floral wallcoverings stay strong, the overused palm is waning, as is use of macrame and going all in on mid-century modern. (If you love Atomic Ranch style, or your home requires it, the forward thinking way to use it is by mixing in eclectic pieces along with the modern, to soften the straight edges, and add some texture).

Jungle Tropical modern art flora set; by Lana Eleanor


Botanicals will be skewing more towards Jungle fauna, with bold prints in earthy colors. Colors that help subdue and calm, even as the oversized scale excites the senses, but be forewarned: TOO much greenery in an abundance of house plants and succulents, as seen in the past two years, is definitely on the downward trend. You can appreciate the jungle, but no one says you have to live in it. Take a less-is-more approach to your urban oasis, and mix in a saturated indigo/navy hue, paired with earthy browns, and the almost-white of the bleached coral.


Wallpaper article….

All that shimmers

It’s true that all the glitters isn’t gold, but mixing metals is still a strong trend, because it’s more flexible (and livable). The overabundant use of copper may be on the way out, but metallics overall still add a touch of reflection, especially against the trendier matte finishes.




Pop o’ Red

Jewel tones that are slightly more muted, are still very much alive, especially in the zen & global patterns in wallcoverings. Red adds a sense of the exotic, to an otherwise muted palette, making it feel alive and vibrant. When paired with black and the shimmer of gold, a touch of luxury is felt and appreciated. One trend that may wane quickly, is the Koi paper we are currently seeing everywhere. However, as an accent, it may be just what the doctor ordered for a room rehab.


Overall, looks feel more curated, based around the things that make us incredibly joyful, while also giving us a sense of peace in our place of restoration and renewal.


In-the-know and On-the-go (Resources):

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Designers, take note: Helpful 5-star review from user transcedentalaccidentalism 07/05/2019:

“That being said it’s definitely 5 stars. Creating pallets from my own photos and images and then using those pallets as backgrounds for a new series I’m working on.”


Are you seeing these trends yet, where you are at? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

In the spirit of community,


By Kelly Schellert – Founder