A New Paradigm for Interior Designers:

Ethos Design Collective (EDC) is the first premier membership-based search engine site to connect consumers with VETTED luxury interior design business owners whose mission is to promote direct to the consumer, on an ongoing basis, the value of working with a qualified luxury interior designer.

National Ad Campaign

Our National Ad Campaign was designed lead consumers to our membership directory, where they find YOU to hire YOU, searchable by first name, last name, by state or by typing ‘ALL’ into the main search box.

Resources & Connections

To leverage our collective strength in numbers, and buying power, to become a hub of education, information, connections and resources, on a mobile responsive site, always with you on-the-go.

The “Unicorn” Differentiator

Ethos Design Collective will be the first and only major national platform that offers an opportunity for our Collective Associate Designers to be a financial beneficiary.

Designers: JOIN US!

Lend your voice to the FIRST and ONLY premier membership site working to elevate your worth as a VETTED luxury interior design professional in this ‘Age of Amazon’, and receive relevant business resources you need, plus visibility opportunities at a national level.


Who We Are:

There are 3 partners in Ethos Design Collective:

Kelly Schellert, St. Louis MO- Founder/Interior Designer,  (also a past President of ASID MO East );

and Founding Partners/Advisory Board Members-

Julia Molloy, Portland OR, and 

Leslie Carothers, Houston TX

Together, we have over 70+ years of combined continuous experience working directly within the furniture and interior design industry – with homeowners, retailers, manufacturers, luxury interior designers, online interior designers, software providers, publishers and trade shows.

“The first phone call between myself, Julia and Leslie was over three hours long and was truly a meeting of the minds, of all the things that we could do for the beloved interior design industry, together. Because that’s what it’s going to take, to educate the consumers about why its better to hire a true professional vetted interior designer, while also giving them the tools and connections necessary to stay relevant in this industry. That call was the basis of everything our Ethos membership stands for.” ~ Kelly Schellert

KELLY SCHELLERTFounder, Interior Designer
Kelly, whose work has been published internationally, has 22 years’ experience offering residential/commercial services ranging from project management and space planning to luxury k&b design and remodeling of historic luxury homes.
JULIA MOLLOYPartner, Advisory Board
Julia Molloy, owner of BOLD/BOLD TV, BOLD By Design Magazine and BOLD Summit, is the foremost business expert for the interior design industry. She has over 2 decades of operations experience, 15 of them in the design field with experience in interior design, graphic design, operations and technology sectors.
LESLIE CAROTHERSPartner, Advisory Board
Leslie Carothers, the co-owner of Savour Partnership and the owner of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, has been involved in all aspects of the furniture and interior design industry for 35 years in Houston, TX.

Giving Back to Communities

Giving Back to the Community: We support various community outreach programs. Kelly, the founder of Ethos Design Collective has been a patient care volunteer with Children’s Hospital, as well as donating time and art talents to the Special Olympics of Iowa, and BaAware.org, as well as other various charities. Be part of a community that gives back. Leslie Carothers participates in her Houston, TX area Dwell with Dignity program.