Hi Everyone! I’ve been thinking a lot about the keys to manifesting abundance lately. A situation came up a few days ago that went metaphorically like this;

“I have a fruit tree you can plant and it will bear all the fruit you can eat for a lifetime within 4 days.” A woman says to a very hungry man.

“What does it cost?” The man asks.

“One of the 5 apples you have in your pack.”

The man scoffs and says, “Are you kidding? I only have these few apples to eat for the next week! I do not have enough to buy that tree!”

THAT is scarcity mentality and it is a program embedded into our brains from an early age. It is a self-perpetuating circumstance of lack, and staying in that thought process keeps you in that perpetual state.

In business we make choices every day. The path we choose on a daily basis is a direct reflection of our belief system. Do we believe there is not enough to do what it takes to expand? Or do we have a belief in abundance and choose to make strategic choices to invest in perpetuating a state of abundance?

Our thoughts create our choices and our choices create our experience. It all loops, through our businesses, in our relationships, our health and our happiness.

I’ll give you an example that comes by my desk almost daily.

A design firm has too many projects. Their tiny, recession sized team can’t handle the work well anymore and more work is coming in. Things are getting missed. Everyone is overwhelmed. Clients are becoming increasingly dissatisfied. The owner must make a fundamental choice. Do they believe in scarcity or abundance? Invest in process flow improvements and possibly another team member and perpetuate growth, or bet on the pipeline drying up, thus perpetuating the possibility of such.

There is risk either way. I say, be smart about it, expand slowly, but bet on good things happening and you will create an environment that perpetuates good things happening. That is abundance mentality.

I’ve been working on really listening to my thoughts and my words for quite some time now. Refining the way in which I perceive the world. Our words do tell all. I can still catch myself sometimes in a thought cycle that is of lack. It’s a matter of retraining or simply refining the way we think.

Our reality starts within. That’s what I mean when I say “One becomes luxury from the inside out.”

What do you bet on in your business? Are you holding on to thought patterns of lack or do your thoughts beacon in abundance?

Expecting great things-


Blog provided courtesy of Julia Molloy