Welcome to the new paradigm of Design.

Ethos Design Collective is proud to be a major advertiser, supporting BOLD – Business of Luxury Design, on Julia’s creation of BOLD by Design Magazine.

Both Ethos Design Collective and BOLD by Design Magazine, individually wish to empower the design build community and create a powerful industry network.

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BOLD By Design, Powered By Ethos Design Collective: Issue 2 (Summer 2021)

PLUS Meet Ethos Design Collective ‘FIRST FIVE’ Luxury Designer Members on Summer 2021 Issue, pp 84-87:

BOLD By Design, Powered By Ethos Design Collective: Issue 1

Thank you for checking out BOLD by Design Magazine, as well as Ethos Design Collective and we hope you enjoy the information dense business videos and articles, designer spotlight and all the resources we have pulled together for you, in these two great platforms. May they help you and your business thrive!

We thank the Ethos Design Collective premier sponsors ProSource and Lighting One for supporting the design community and continuing to keep our industry strong, and for additionally supporting the magazine through advertising!

And lastly, thank you to all the magazine contributors for sharing your insight, wisdom and support. You are brilliant!

Two big, independent launches: Ethos Design Collective (by founder Kelly Schellert, with minority partners Julia Molloy and Leslie Carothers), and BOLD by Design Magazine, (by Julia Molloy), to power your business and your life forward!

Enjoy and be BOLD!

BOLD by Design Magazine, BOLD: Julia Molloy

ETHOS DESIGN COLLECTIVE: Kelly Schellert; Founder/CEO,
with advisory partners, Julia Molloy / BOLD and Leslie Carothers/Savour Partnership