Interior Designers: Excavating your ‘Quan’


Like all interior designers, I like to help my clients personalize their homes, uniquely tailored to who they are now, with room to grow and evolve. Humans change over time, so our homes should too, to reflect who we are and not only the life we live, but the life we WANT to live. This goes for our businesses, too! I recently met for a new client consult, who had purchased the home during a previous marriage. She felt the house was no longer “in integrity with who they are now.”

I know that everyone has felt that burgeoning restraint on some area of their lives at one point. We try to hold onto the comfort of what we know, while the heart longs for something more authentic, that is soul-worthy and more joyful, causing major inner turmoil. When these clients call me, there is more than a design solution need at play. There is a necessary nurturing, and a bringing to a comfort level, to allow the changes to occur. They can say, “Okay, I can let the past go. I can hold onto what was good, and honor what brought me joy, but now I see I can expand to include what is joyful to me today, while making room for a glorious future.”

If Jerry Maguire was the “Keeper of Quan”, then I am the “Excavator of Quan”. I help my clients dig deep to identify what they really want from life, so that we can express it in their interiors. The Architect of Inner Beauty, expressed outward.



But what about excavating the ‘Quan’ in running our own business? Sometimes we spend so much time working IN our business that we forget we also have to work ON our business, and be our own Keepers of the big picture: our true happiness, and the reason we walk the scary tightrope of entrepreneurship. What does YOUR happiness look like? Take a minute to ask yourself, if your life and business was successful, what would that mean for you? Describe it in detail. Write it down, make a vision board (better yet, since we are such visual creatures, use a vision board app on your phone and save it as your screensaver, so you see it ALL THE TIME).


Creative Visualization with Divine Intention and Manifestation looks a lot like Design Process!



In my research on how best to define ‘Quan’, I stumbled across this fabulous article by business coach Michael Dill. (Bonus: After you read this post, make sure you go to his site to sign up for his newsletter and get your free download, ‘The ABC’s of Building a Profitable Business’. There is GOLD there.) Simply put, Quan means COMPLETENESS. The money is just one part of the whole equation. We often don’t stumble into this business because we just want wealth, but because we truly LOVE what we do, while we create and help change others’ lives through their homes. We just hope that the money will follow, and sometimes it does, but often times it can be a struggle. So, really, success defined would look like balance in all areas of our life, with financial stability to live comfortably.

“But”, you say, “how do I create balance? I run a business, and I am doing ALL THE THINGS“. Believe me, I’ve been there, and this is why I created Ethos Design Collective. To help your business thrive by putting a world of vetted resources right in one place, with a support system of design business owners- JUST LIKE YOU! You spend less time trying to find the resources you need on your own, so you can spend it doing things that you LOVE. Travel, family time, whatever YOUR Quan is.

What does your Quan mean to you? Drop me a line and let me know (or better yet, show me your vision board!). I’d love to see it, and hear your unique story.

And then join us at Ethos Design Collective- the Life Support you need for your business, today. We are the Keepers of your Quan.

In the spirit of community,


Blog by Kelly Schellert- Founder and Interior Designer