Membership FAQ’s

Membership FAQ’s
Completing my Profile

Based upon your membership type/package, you will be granted the right to publish certain things with your profile. Please check the Membership Benefits table to see what is allowed.

For example, Designer (Limited) does not have a website backlink to their website. Only Designer PLUS has this feature. The Designer Limited is more of a Business Card type membership with limited content as well. (Note-We are no longer accepting registrations for Designer Ltd Tier)


Upgrades are allowed, if you join as a Designer Limited tier first. The price you pay will be the difference, by month plan or the annual plan (however you joined to begin with).



We recommend a graphics program such as Canva, to create high resolution, quality images, at the pre-set sizes. However, see below for guidelines, to create them by size. Please make sure that all images are high resolution, for optimum viewing.

PROFILE PHOTO SIZE:  190 x 190 px (max 72 resolution)
COVER PHOTO SIZE: 1100 X 407 px  (max 72 resolution)
Please note- Your image MUST be a minimum of 1100 px or the program will scale to fit and it will become blurry.  Please check the box to commit.
ALBUM COVER IMAGE: 1100 x 732 px
THUMBNAIL IMAGE: 190 x 190 px
Upload as .jpg, with max 72 resolution, please!
& Your Profile Description is a maximum of 1000 CHARACTERS.

Profile Photo:

190 x 190 px

Upload as .jpg, with max 72 resolution, please!

Students- Please use your headshot only. No text or graphics allowed.

Designers and Businesses- You may choose to use your headshot or logo. Please make sure they are high resolution.


Cover Photo:

1100 x 407 px

Upload as .jpg, with max 72 resolution, please!

Keep all pertinent info, images in the middle (considered the safe zone for viewing across various devices).

Keep text to a minimum, for optimum viewing.

Students- This can be an image of one of your favorite portfolio pieces.

Designers- Depending on what you choose for your profile image (photo or logo), this can be representative of a project of yours (highly recommended). The best scenario would be to have your headshot as the profile picture, and then add your cover photo with your logo on it.

Service Providers/Businesses- Your profile photo should be your logo. We recommend that you create a cover photo that is highly representational of your brand and what service or product you provide.



Due to the nature of our content, we have a very strict refund policy.

At the time of registration, you are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable, $ 35.00 fee for that registration application review and process. (If you cancel your membership and reapply, you WILL have to pay the $ 35.00 fee again, and there is a waiting period to be allowed to rejoin. Please read the terms very carefully before canceling.

Also, if you cancel or we close your account for non-payment, ALL photos and information from your profile are wiped off permanently. There is no archive system set up to retrieve them. Please keep that in mind if you are on the fence about your membership. We have NO WAY to retrieve them for you, if you cancel and decide to rejoin in the future.)

If you are not approved and receive a refund, it will be the amount LESS THE $35.00 REGISTRATION FEE.

My member profile isn’t showing up. Why not?

AFTER you have registered, and been approved, you will be granted ACCESS to the Designer Portal and/OR the Profile Builder Page (for service provider businesses).

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ADD PHOTOS TO PROFILE AND COVER PAGE OR YOUR PROFILE WILL NOT SHOW UP. We cannot overstate this. You must have everything complete. Do not contact us unless you have done this first. Only complete profiles are allowed to show up on the site, to avoid spammers.

If you have done all of that, and your member profile page still hasn’t shown up on the Members Page after 24 hours, please contact our  Ethos Concierge Team so that we can find out what’s happening and fix it for you.

What is the Registration process?

Each membership package has it’s own registration flow. You must go to the BECOME A MEMBER on home page, under the package which you want to join. Benefit Comparisons  are spelled out on the Member Benefits link, as well as what is available for student designers and service providers.

Please have your transcripts and/or required documents (tax ID#/resale or FEIN#) ready to upload when you apply. It will take a few days for the concierge admins to go through your paperwork and check out your business website, to make sure you qualify. We are about inclusion, but because we are also a professional membership, we do have a strict vetting process for qualifications. The more supporting documentation that you can provide to us at the time of registration will help speed up the approval, and get you into the secure designer portal (Access to Designer PLUS members).

Watch your emails to make sure you get the next steps in the process (you can whitelist us as well). If you haven’t seen an email response within 24 hours, please check spam BEFORE contacting us.

AFTER you have registered, and been approved, you will be granted ACCESS to the Designer Portal and/OR the Profile Builder Page (for service provider businesses). PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ADD PHOTOS to PROFILE AND COVER PAGE OR YOUR PROFILE WILL NOT SHOW UP. We cannot overstate this. You must have everything complete. Do not contact us unless you have done this first. Only complete profiles are allowed to show up on the site, to avoid spammers.

If you have done all of that, and your member profile page still hasn’t shown up on the Members Page after 24 hours, please contact our admin team at: [email protected] so that we can figure out what is going on.

Can I still belong to other organizations/memberships?

ABSOLUTELY!  I do. In fact, I am still a member of the ASID organization, of which I was a chapter president of for the Missouri East Chapter. They rock at legislating for the interior design profession.

I like to look at the big picture. For designers, having multiple organizations offering resources and solutions cannot be a bad thing.

We will always support inclusion, and empowering professional interior designers, whatever that looks like for the designer.

Do you require a design degree for Membership?

At this time, we do not.

Trust me, we deliberated long and hard on this one. We surveyed interior designers from our Secret Ethos Insider Designers who joined our Facebook page as early adopters as well as many other “professionals”.

It is my belief, and I have been witness to, many a talented designer who had all of the skills and legitimate business sense to carry themselves well, and run a healthy interior design business. Yet, because they were lacking a specific design degree, they were kept out of organizations that could have truly benefited from their diverse backgrounds in business, entrepreneurship, art, architecture, and more, and could have helped these designers to better serve the legitimacy of our profession as well. And in spite of not being part of those organizations, they had amazing businesses in design, and took care of their clients very professionally.

I believe the word “professional” encompasses more than a degree these days. I put more emphasis on actual, boots on the ground, tactical experience, because that is where the rubber meets the road. An education can only get you so far, but experience (or lack thereof) tells the true story every time. A paper degree does not prepare you with a client’s spouse dying during a project, or their son going through life-saving (and eye-saving) emergency surgery, or helping to create a healing space for those dealing with traumatic experiences. Compassion, respect and composure come from character (and, experience).

I have also been witness to many proclaimed “professionals” acting anything but! I am from the Show-Me-State, so I am open to giving designers a chance, as long as they have met the minimum professional experience requirements (the true trial by fire) and as long as they carry themselves with dignity and treat others with respect.

For that reason, and due to the overwhelming response of those surveyed designers, we put a minimum of 2 years professional experience on the Designer (Base) membership. To upgrade or join the Designer PLUS (which is truly the sweet spot of Ethos membership), there is a minimum of 5 years professional design experience. (NOTE- WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS AT THE BASE TIER)

The Ethos name was chosen because it lends to the spirit of community, and a one-for-all mentality. Every designer running a professional interior design business in this ‘Age of Amazon’ truly needs to be on our national database, and have access to the resources and key connections that we are offering through our membership. Through our Academy, we will be offering educational resources and courses to help you on your path, no matter where you are on your journey!





Does Ethos Design Collective plan on selling furniture on it’s site?

No. Our only goal is to leverage our collective buying power through trade-loyal local and national vendors, in order to get independent designers access to a greater range of product. All purchasing and management of vendor-designer relationships are handled by each designer’s own business. We do not offer purchasing services or delivery arrangements.

However, we are working to provide feedback, via polls and surveys, to brands and vendors who are willing to create designer-friendly packages and services (such as warehousing and rebates, etc) in their brick and mortar stores. A win-win.

The only products that will be sold on the Ethos Design Collective platform will be trademarked Ethos Design Collective “branded gear” such as designer totes, and the like, that will be specifically functional in assisting a designer in business. Furniture will not be sold on or through the Ethos Design Collective Platform.

Ethos Design Platform will have a directory of our members who also provide interior design products that they have private labeled and can market in our Peer To Peer Marketplace directory, but no sales will occur or be shipped through the EDC platform, ever. Terms will be covered in membership.

Am I a good candidate for Ethos Design Collective Membership?

You are a PERFECT fit:

If you are an interior design business owner whose Life’s PASSIONS and JOYS are to create harmony and beauty out of chaos, and you are a luxury design principal entrepreneur with up to 5 employees. You will need to have 5+ years experience, a business website for YOUR interior design company (for minimum of 2 years), and a resale license. You also:

  • Want to make more MONEY in your business
  • Need opportunities to grow and promote your business
  • Want to belong to the ONLY search engine and membership community dedicated to promoting the values and benefits of working with professional luxury designer principals, direct to consumers

And last, but not least, you are just so TIRED and FRUSTRATED of trying to find all of the resources, scattered all over the internet, in a timely fashion, when you need them. We’ve got you covered.

A Note from Ethos Design Collective Founder, Kelly Schellert:

Additionally, as our site grows and evolves, we will constantly look to our members to tailor the offerings to what is most relevant for you! Please be patient, as we grow with our membership and sponsors. Currently, we have several international primo sponsors (CCA Global Partners, Inc. under 2 of their 14 brands, ProSource Wholesale and Lighting One, with combined showrooms of 430+ across the US, Canada and Australia).

I am an interior design business owner, like you, with a design/build firm that services high-end luxury clientele across the US. I have worked on Historic luxury residences, vacation homes, and businesses, as well as being part of the U2 360 Tour production team for +26 dressing rooms, and more recently getting to design two client Lamborghini Huracan Perfomantes (one of them featured on the DuPont registry as a one-of-a-kind). My work has been published in the US and abroad.

If you have felt it, dealt with it, agonized over it, and felt all the joys that this wonderful industry can bring, I have been there too. It is through my frustrations that I created this valuable resource for you, my colleagues. And I will continue to add and add and add more value to it as we grow. I have two advisory business partners in Julia Molloy of the BOLD Summit/BOLD TV and BOLD By Design Magazine and Leslie Carothers of Savour Partnership and Kaleidoscope Partnership.

Together we have over 70+ years of experience in this industry, in all areas of Concept, Implementation, Strategy, Marketing and Admin. I am also a past president of the ASID Missouri East Chapter, and while president, we hosted the first ever Green Showhouse, focused on sustainability. We each bring a wealth of wisdom and experience to the Ethos Design Collective, for your ultimate benefit. And now, we have created the ultimate in interior design membership platforms for you, my friends. For your businesses, for your Life!

“We are each of us angels, with only one wing, so that we can help each other fly.”

Is this you? Join us NOW!

I look forward to welcoming you in our private group!












Why join Ethos Design Collective?

Our MISSION (and your membership dollars) will underwrite the launch and continued development of our national ad campaign (using print and digital), to promote to the consumer on an ongoing basis, the values and benefits of hiring a professional interior designer.

The ad campaign is linked back to our directory, searchable by region/area (zip codes) that matter to YOU and specialty areas of practice.

Additionally, Ethos Design Collective is a vetted, online resource directory (for time and/or resource-poor) interior design business owners. The EDC collaborates with international and national, trade loyal, sponsors, vendors and brands to leverage buying power, provide educational programming, business/networking events and info, PR opportunities, as well as lifestyle/health and wellness support, plus many more business opportunities, ALL IN ONE PLACE.

We know that we wear many hats as entrepreneurs, so our approach is holistic. Life and Work go hand in hand, so Ethos strives to meet you where they intersect, and provide a trusted community of entrepreneurs facing the same challenges as you.

The top brand promises will be the continued refinement of the following as we grow: You will join top industry designers, leaders, business owners and vendors who are trade loyal and support the EDC Mission and Vision in an embracing community. Included areas of concentration include:

*Content and educational programming geared for business solutions, product knowledge, training, and life balance/self-care tips.

*Peer to Peer Marketing of your private label products.

*Find a Designer ad campaign leading consumers back to our member directory by geographical area and design specialty.

*Network service provider directory for hire, for support in areas of your business, listed by geographical area and provider categories.

*Optional premium placement at the head of your region or design specialty category, with additional information, links and photos (for less than typical advertising costs in a one-time print ad, with less targeted reach).

*Member Blog with backlinks to members own blogs. Each designer can submit blogs and content for the social media sites with backlinks to their own content.

*Member spotlights on the home page (public facing) site of our page.

*Opportunities for participation in online/experiential surveys, and forums to help direct the new narrative of interior design, as well as our member community. We respect and appreciate your voices. The Ethos Design Collective is truly a collective- about designers, for designers, to benefit the growth of your design businesses and recapture lost time (time better spent with loved ones, and lost money spent on time chasing down resources, vendors, peer marketplace providers-bolstering and supporting our own member’s businesses and service providers).

*A video marquee on the home page of the EDC showcasing events (past, current and future) as well as highlights, member spotlights, product releases and more to come!

*A calendar of design events and contests will be featured on the page as well for key industry events.

What happens to photos that I post on my Ethos profile and/or website?

We (Ethos Design Collective) will never claim rights to your photos. Ever. You and/or your photographer maintain all rights to your copyrighted material. Our only goal in showcasing your images in a Member Spotlight (or in the directories) is to help potential clients see your work.

What is Ethos Design Collective?

Ethos Design Collective (the EDC) is the only search engine site and premier interior design membership/resource platform for VETTED Interior Design principals, promoting the values and benefits of hiring professional luxury designers, direct to the consumer, in an ongoing basis, via a national ad campaign, leading back to our searchable directory of Professional Luxury Interior Designer members of Ethos.

If you join Ethos Design Collective, you can expect this is the VISION that your membership dollars will help to underwrite:

*The continued development of an ongoing national ad campaign (using both print and digital) to promote to the consumer, on an ongoing basis, the values and benefits of hiring a professional interior designer- which is linked back to our designer members’ directory, searchable by region/area and specialty of practice.

*A vetted, online business resource directory for our designer members, from trusted vendor/ manufacturer trade partners and network service provider partners.

*Leverage of the collective buying power of our membership to negotiate favorable deals with trade-loyal vendors, and to ask members to do what they can, in return, to support our vendor/manufacturing trade partners’ businesses.

*Help our members grow their businesses, and balance their lives as business owners, with educational programming, including the importance of how to stay relevant in the industry.

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