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Benefits of Aligning with, sponsoring the EDC, or underwriting EDC Academy courses and essential educational webinars:

We care about our Aligned Industry Sponsors and your goals. To deliver on our mission, we seek sponsorship from, and building a win-win relationship with sponsors, to support our common goals of mutually engaging and reaching global design influencers /purchasers responsible for industry’s top procurement.

FACT: Sponsorships statistically see better ROI than traditional advertising.


  • Underwrite or submit courses/CEUs and your other branded content for the EDC Academy. Please note- CEU courses MUST be pre-certified.

  • Co-host webinars, events and other quality branded content with the EDC or submit your own for approval.

  • Sponsor Ethos Design Collective at tiered levels. (See table below)

  • Additionally, Ethos Directory listings in the exclusive Designer Member Portal, with enhanced listing and priority placement options are available on a first-come, first-serve, basis. They remain for one year. (See cost table below).



  • BRAND VISIBILITY: Your logo, featured in marketing email newsletters, webinars, etc, based upon sponsorship tier.

  • PRODUCT LAUNCHES: Stay foremost in their mind as a source, via website announcements, webinars, speaking engagements, and the EDC event/contest calendar.

  • KEY PARTNERSHIPS: Through strategic, trusted and supporting networks of the EDC Founding Members, aligned international sponsors,  CCA Global Partners (ProSource / Lighting One), St. Louis To-the-Trade sponsor Design and Detail, and affiliates BeneBloc and savings4members, each offering exclusive savings and opportunities needed by each of our interior design business owners.

  • COST-BENEFIT RATIO: High-value, low-cost, quality co-hosted and branded content, directly targeted to your niche (our membership). EDC Academy courses and content remain evergreen for as long as the content link is unbroken from your end.

  • GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY: We support various community outreach programs. Kelly, the founder of Ethos Design Collective, has been a patient care volunteer with Children’s Hospital, as well as donating time and art talents to the Special Olympics of Iowa, and, the Crisis Nursery, as well as other various charities. She is currently working on something special for the EDC, for future release. Leslie Carothers participates in her Houston, TX area Dwell with Dignity program. Be part of a community that gives back.

  • ALIGNMENT: At this time, there is not another interior design search engine platform that directly promotes, on an ongoing basis, the value of working with a professional interior designer to the consumer – especially the millennial and younger consumer/apartment dweller/homeowner – a market critical to the future success of your company, and to all interior designers.


  • VIDEO AD CREATION: Create professional video content that will support our mission.

  • NATIONAL AD CAMPAIGN: Buy online advertising and print advertising placements that will allow us to spread the video content over as wide a swath of the United States as possible.

  • MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Develop and execute on a national SEO, PR, and social media marketing campaign.

  • DEVELOPMENT: Fund a position that will include the responsibilities of the development of our membership portal, the member resource directory, and the negotiation of our agreements with trade-friendly vendor partners.


  • ETHOS EMAIL LIST:  Founding Advisory Partner, Julia Molloy, the producer of Ethos powered, BOLD MAGAZINE, has an email list of over 17,000 of the USA’s premier luxury interior designers, garnered over her years of work as one of the industry’s top organizational consultants for luxury interior designers and as the producer of the BOLD SUMMIT.

    The founding sponsors, ProSource, Lighting One and St. Louis To-the-Trade showroom Design and Detail are committed to sharing the messaging of Ethos Design Collective and its non competitive sponsors, and their newsletter list contains approx. 60,000+ emails.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA REACH OF THE THREE PARTNERS, COMBINED: Combined, the 3 founding partners of Ethos Design Collective, Kelly Schellert, Julia Molloy and Leslie Carothers have a combined social media reach across all of their channels of over 45,000 people, organic, not paid, consisting primarily of interior designers, furniture retailers, furniture manufacturers, trade shows and editors. 

  • TWITTER: Leslie, on Twitter alone, has 36,000+ followers, followed by most of our country’s interior designers, who have long known her as an advocate for the value of working with a professional interior designer. Leslie’s micro-blog on Twitter has been named by Decorex as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Interior Design Blogs in the world, the only microblog to be so called.

  • FACEBOOK: Leslie owns a Facebook Group, whose membership consists of approx. seven hundred of our country’s most influential luxury and online interior designers. The combined reach of the blogs belonging to the members of that Group would be close to, if not exceeding, 1 million unique visitors a month.Also, Julia, Kelly, and Leslie belong to several more Facebook Groups for interior designers, including the Ethos Design Collective Facebook Group.


    The founding international sponsors, ProSource, Lighting One and St. Louis To-the-Trade showroom Design and Detail, are committed to helping Ethos Design Collective amplify our messaging and have a robust combined social media reach.
    The combined network between our three international sponsors, plus the CCA Global Partner parent brand (Lighting One/ProSource Wholesale) and our affiliates are vast. Ethos will be back linked to our ProSource sponsor and Benebloc/ savings4members affiliate pages, with an unknown quantifiable reach. ProSource alone has nearly 2 million annual visitors to it’s site.

With Kelly’s background in Interior Design, Design/Renovation business ownership, strategic planning, leadership, and event planning, she sought and created mutually beneficial sponsorship with three of the design industry’s most notable businesses, whose vision and spirit of community are in alignment with that of Ethos. One whom has fourteen brands under it’s umbrella. The collective reach of our first three sponsors (National and International):
Lighting One– A coop of more than 320 Lighting Showrooms across the US and annual convention that Kelly, and Leslie attended, with the VP of ALA (American Lighting Association of America), the head of the Dallas Market Center, and the Marketing Division of Parent company, CCA Global Partners, an international company with 14+ brands, in over 3000 showrooms across the world.

ProSource has an estimated 17,000 designer members and close to 2 million visitors to their website annually. ProSource will feature Ethos Design Collective members, as well as back link the Ethos Design Collective Designer Directory on their website.
Lighting One and ProSource will be developing and marketing programs geared towards designers with input from Ethos Founders and Collective Associates, ongoing, in forums designed just for this purpose, including co-creating and launching pilot programs across the country exclusively for Ethos’ membership. The first two originated in St. Louis, MO.

Design and Detail is a to-the-trade designer showroom with multiple US locations, representing the top vendors and offering the best design resources in the industry. They offer fresh, distinctive lines of furniture, fabric, wall coverings, lighting, carpeting and so much more.


See more on Ethos sponsors and a testimonial below.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Costs & Benefits By Tier


$ 500./YR 


$ 2,500./YR
Sapphire, PLUS:


 $ 5,000./YR
Sapphire and Emerald, PLUS:


 $ 10,000./YR
All lesser tiers, PLUS:

Logo Placement Level 1 (Inside Designer Member Portal ONLY)

Logo Placement- Level 2 (Below Fold/Larger Font than Sapphire Tier)Logo Placement- Level 3 (Larger font on Ethos home page and inclusion of your logo in our custom content in each issue of BOLD By Design Magazine)Prominent Logo Placement (Premier Ribbon)
Customized Business Listing in the Ethos B2B directory used by Designer Members

Ethos FB Groups & Social Media Channel Mentions  1x/mo.

+ reduced rate for customized email sent to Julia’s list of +17K luxury designers

Social Media sponsor

Thank-You’s: 1x/mo.

+ submit for reduced rate to sponsor #DESIGNWEALTH group for Ethos Advisory Partner, Leslie Carothers: (#1 Facebook group for 1600+ top tier luxury interior designers) for those that align aesthetically. 

Podcast Interview Mentions Where Applicable 
Academy Resource Workbook logo and sponsor thank you mentions (when workbooks are made available)

National Video Intro/Outro mention with a link to your site

+ opportunity to speak for 3-5 minutes during our national online or offline events about your brand and how it serves our members.

EXCLUSIVE Ethos Co-Produced Webinar with  distribution linked back to your program

Evergreen EDC Customized Blog Post on Ethos, shared in EDC Facebook groups

(500-750 words)


Evergreen EDC Customized Blog Post on Ethos, shared in EDC Facebook groups

(500-750 words)


Evergreen EDC Customized Blog Post on Ethos, shared in EDC Facebook groups

(500-750 words)

 —Newsletters-MAX 1x/mo. Ethos OR a customized poll with feedback from our private luxury designer member groupNewsletter AND a customized poll (1 each, total, per month)

EXCLUSIVE Your choice of being named sponsor of any of our:

  1. Offline tradeshow national events
  2. Specialty online events OR
  3. National Video Ads
Reduced Ad rates in Julia Molloy BOLD By Design Magazine IssuesGREATER Reduced Ad rates in Julia Molloy BOLD By Design Magazine IssuesIN KIND DIAMOND TIER SPONSORSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE if the following applies to your brand, see below)


If you are a design related brand with website traffic of over 250,000/unique users per month [ that we can verify through your Google analytics ] and/or verifiable email lists of over 50,000 design related consumers, you are eligible to partner with us for a DIAMOND level in kind sponsorship if you are willing to

1. Place a live link prominently on your homepage for a period of at least 1 year to Ethos Design Collective’s homepage, in order to help your site’s visitors find experienced luxury designers to hire.

2. Send out 4 custom emails [ prepared by Ethos ] containing a link to each quarterly digital issue of BOLD BY DESIGN magazine to your email list.

3. Provide Ethos Design Collective’s founders/members a platform/the opportunity to speak and/or be acknowledged at your national conventions, tradeshows or other large events.

4. Provide Ethos Design Collective’s members special pricing on your products or services.

5. Co promote your Ethos Design Collective sponsorship on your own social media channels.


We are also a resource-rich aggregate site for Designer Collective Associates (Members). We offer you several listing opportunities on our secure site for our designers in good standing. You will be listed by Region/area, by product, by service, or by other search filters and keywords (see table below for more information).

Job Bank: Ethos student members are eligible for the job bank as well. We encourage you to submit job or internship opportunity searches. Internship listings are no charge to companies.
Academy Listings: If you charge for your course, we provide a link to your course or webinar, and you are responsible for maintaining your site and collecting your payments for courses with a fee, and all access to courses. If you are offering a CEU course, you must have it pre-certified as CEU and submit it to us before publication. You must provide a certificate of completion to each person who adequately qualifies, in a manner that satisfies the requirements for CEU courses. We ask that you apply a discounted rate to your course fees for our associate members and let us know what that is. The code is non-transferrable to the public, and only for use by our associates.
Manufacturing Trade Partners “Affiliates”: If you sell a product that qualifies for Trade Partner Directory and you wish to have a profile on the directory, you can apply. We provide a link to your website, and you are responsible for maintaining your site and collecting your payments for product. We ask that you apply a discounted trade rate for our associate members and let us know what that is. You create an #EDC code number for use by our associates. The code is non-transferrable to the public, and only for use by our associates. You are responsible for keeping us updated on Associates and their code #’s that are no longer current.
Calendar of Events and Contests:

Product/Service Launch Page:

Blog Posts: Please contact us for more information.

Designer Member Portal Resources: To be featured on the Resource Directory and in Academy workbooks, please contact us for more information.

Pro Panel Live Q&A: To be interviewed and featured on our Live Q&A for our Ethos Designer Members, please contact us to apply.




Regional Header- Enhanced Listing

$ 1,000./yr

Region, Zip Code, Discipline

Contact, Website, Banner photo, your logo/photo + Portfolio + short company description

Category Header- Enhanced Listing

$ 500./yr

Below Regional, by Category

Contact Info and Website +Banner photo and your logo/photo + short company description

Non-Sponsor Banner Photo Listing

$ 1,000./yr per category listing

Business Listing with Contact info, Banner photo and your logo/photo + short company description

Peer-to-Peer MarketplaceYesYes

Service Provider Network:

(Businesses to Business, Craftsmen/Artisans, Tradesmen & Trade Showrooms)


Manufacturer/Trade Network Partners


YesYesSee Membership Page

Product/Service Launch

( Announcements)

YesYesYes (Intermediate Sponsors and above get 1 free listing/month based on tier)


Courses, CEUs

or Content

YesYesN/C if your course is free; $ 297. per course/CEU if you charge


Please note that Ethos Founders get no kickbacks from our Sponsors and Affiliates. The programs are solely for the benefit of our Ethos Designer Members.

Video: A word from our CCA- ProSource/Lighting One Sponsors

About our Sponsors:

PREMIER SPONSORS: We are proud to recognize our three International Sponsors and thank them for their commitment to promote the value of working with our Professional Interior Design Membership.

Design and Detail: Design and Detail is a to-the-trade designer showroom with multiple US locations, representing the top vendors and offering the best design resources in the industry. They offer fresh, distinctive lines of furniture, fabric, wall coverings, lighting, carpeting and so much more. Design and Detail will be collaborating with the EDC to co-create and host relevant and educational initiatives for interior designers and the EDC membership.

CCA GLOBAL Partners, Inc– CCA Global Partners empowers thousands of entrepreneurs to succeed in a marketplace that is influenced by widespread consolidation. Their mission is to support entrepreneurs and independent family business owners by providing the scale, resources, and innovation that create sustainability, growth, and effective competition in today’s evolving marketplace. Across North America, more than 2,800 retail locations, 20,000 childcare centers and 1 million small businesses benefit from CCA’s leadership through its fourteen different businesses. These businesses represent five distinct categories: flooring and home furnishings, business services, sporting goods, nonprofit and childcare, and management and contracting.

Parent company, CCA Global Partners is sponsoring Ethos Design Collective with two of their top designer friendly and trade loyal brands, ProSource Wholesale and Lighting One:

  1. ProSource Wholesale: Now in their 30th year, ProSource continues as America’s largest wholesale home improvement franchise, with over 145 showrooms in North America. The ‘to-the-trade’ company was featured on the distinguished list of top franchise companies, recently earning a national accolade for it’s growth and achievement, ranking in the top 20% of all related U.S. franchises, by a leading franchise market research firm.  On February 20, 2020, ProSource hosted a pilot Business Expo ‘Designer Preview’ in St. Louis, MO. Along with 10+ businesses and guest speakers, Brendan Dusha of BeneBloc was on hand to discuss the insurance program available for interior designer members of Ethos as part of their membership. Raffle gifts, including THE coveted ear pods, baseball tickets, etc and door prizes were given for attendance.  ProSource also brought to the table for Ethos Design Collective members, their savings4members benefits. Savings4Members® is the leading independent business savings program that helps member businesses save thousands of dollars annually. They’re partnered with over 120 membership organizations that connect with more than 1,000,000 businesses.
  2. Lighting One: Lighting One is a cooperative network of more than 300 independently owned lighting showrooms impassioned to illuminate communities across North America. They have locations in all 50 states and five provinces. Through St. Louis Missouri Lighting One showroom, Wilson Lighting hosted and sponsored with Lighting One on November 7, 2019, a Designer Speaker Series pilot program event that will be going across the country, to the Lighting One and ProSource showrooms. The pilot program is intended to bring speaking opportunities for the Ethos Designer Members across the country, to get them in front of potential clients and businesses. Wilson Lighting is family owned, with 4 locations in the US.

Through the partnerships with Lighting One and ProSource, we are working on many mutually beneficial programs to benefit Professional Interior Designers as well as making it mutually beneficial for the brick and mortar stores to flourish in this online age. Ethos insiders were asked to voluntarily take part of an early 2019 survey campaign (online and secret shopper). The valuable designer insight was shared at the national advisory council meeting in October of 2019, to help shape new programs coming, around the needs that these independent design business owners need now.



    We are excited to align with our sponsors, vendors, and manufacturers who share our passion and support our goal of promoting the value and benefits of hiring a designer, direct to the consumer. We offer limited sponsorship opportunities.
    If this sounds like you/ your business, please CONTACT US to apply.